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Graffiti Window Film in New Orleans

Snappy Tint was called out to Francesca’s on Magazine Street in uptown New Orleans to provide and install a clear graffiti window film to protect the glass from vandalism.  Graffiti Gard from Solar Gard is a clear peel away, optically clear window film designed to protect the glass that it is installed on. The film takes the abuse before it gets to the glass and can be replaced at the customers discretion.

If you would like more information on the graffiti window film services we offer, you can reach us by calling 504-708-2209. We would be happy to arrange a free, no obligation consultation on these products and discuss how you can implement a 3M window film solution into your space.

francescas window tinting clear graffiti gard solar gard

francescas window tinting clear graffiti gard solar gard

graffiti window film 20140514_172749

RV Motor Home Window Tinting

Motor Home Window Tinting, your home away from home.

This C-Class Motor Home is used very often by the family and their 2 dogs. They go all over the country for months at a time. The camper has factory tinted glasses for glare reduction, but do not have any treatments for UV or IR light. We installed the 3M Crystalline Window Tint and instantly the cabin cooled down from the reduction of the solar heat gain of the single pane windows. Now, the interior of the camper remains cool and the air condition system can easily do it’s job less often and more efficiently, saving your energy that you usually purchase at the gas pump…So does window tint save you fuel, technically yes.

motor home window tinting


motor home window tinting

RV windows tinted with 3M Crystalline Window Film for maximum heat rejection.


3M Crystalline Window Tint New Orleans

3M, the original creator of window film, has created a product so incredibly efficient that no other window tint in the world can compare to it except for it’s residential version, 3M Prestige. This film that is the thickness of a sheet of paper,  has over 200 layers of optically clear 3M patented polyester to create a prism effect for the sunlight to get spread out between each layer, drastically reducing 97% of the sunlight’s IR light (infrared), which is where most of the heat comes from.  The Crystalline window film from 3M is truly a far superior window film when compared to ceramic window tints whether from 3M, or it’s competitors like Huper Optik and Llumar. Any reputable window film manufacturer has an automotive ceramic window tint to offer and so does 3M, but the difference is that 3M does not stop at ceramic technology. The 3M Crystalline Window Film for automotive window tinting stops 93% of the solar energy from transmitting through the glass and also maintains a true lifetime warranty from “purpling,” peeling, blistering, bubbling, and delaminating. You pay one time to have your windows tinted with most of 3M’s color stable window films, and are guaranteed to never have to pay out of pocket again to have it repaired if the film fails during your ownership of the vehicle.

3m crystalline window tint, the best or nothing.

2014 Infinity Q50 with 3M Crystalline 50% all around and 90% on the front windshield.

2014 Infinity Q50 with 3M Crystalline 50% all around and 90% on the front windshield.

3m crystalline window tint 20140524_142954

Commercial Window Tint City of Gretna

The City of Gretna called upon Snappy Tint to solve a problem with evening sunlight making it very uncomfortable for the employees and visitors. The large windows and the high ceilings above the entrance area was creating to much heat. The solar heat gain associated with the windows was reduced instantly by 70% and the UV light was filtered by 99%. This application of Solar Gard Slate window film can have a manufacturer’s warranty of up to 16 years, the industry’s best running warranty program.  The Mel Ott Recreation Center located in Gretna, Louisiana, was designed for people to be able to see the decorative lighting displayed behind the large glass opening. The City of Gretna asked for a product that would drastically reduce the heat and glare from the large windows, but must be tranparent enough for people outside the building to be able to see the lights that are inside the building. This film is specifically designed to reduce the solar heat gain and glare from large commercial style windows while not compromising the glazing system to possibly fail prematurely.


Are you looking for Commercial Window Tint City of Gretna Louisiana? Call us today for a Free Estimate.

commercial window tint

Windows Tinted by Snappy Tint at the Mel Ott Recreation Center in Gretna Louisiana.

Window Tinting by Snappy Tint at Mel Ott Recreation Center in Gretna, Louisiana.

Window Tinting by Snappy Tint at Mel Ott Recreation Center in Gretna, Louisiana.