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Cheap Tint is NOT GOOD!

The lower the prices, the lower the standards, so don’t let THIS happen to you! Many people fall for it everyday all around the country, and honestly it’s hard not to.  The low prices of cheap tint services often tell another ugly side of the deal not long after.

cheap tint

Just imagine you are in the market to have your windows tinted on your new car, home, or office. You get three estimates and decide to go with the lowest priced quote. You think you did good by doing your, “research.” The tint has been installed for a few years and it seems to be doing a great job by keeping the heat and glare out, but is it, and how does it look now and 3 years from now?


Are you still happy with it? Chances are that you are currently regretting that decision to go with the lowest price because you probably wouldn’t be in the market to find another company to come and redo it.


Are you going to make that poor decision again by going with the lowest price? Window tint is mass produced all over the world and is constantly being replicated with inferior products that combine it’s construction. For example,

1. Cheaper glue to hold the film on the glass.

2.  Less layers of plastic to lessen the material usage.

3. Cheap dyes or as some refer to it now as “Carbon,” etc.


What’s the importance of a good glue and multiple layers of A-Grade polyester when it comes to window tint? Plastic (polyester) shrinks as it is exposed to heat. How much heat depends on the grade of the polyester. Glue looses it’s adhesion when exposed to heat as well.

How much it looses it’s bond depends on the grade of adhesive. If you have a cheap glue, cheap plastic, and inferior dyes combined to make a window tint, the science of it’s deterioration is very easy to see and usually is followed by embarrassing purple, bubbling, and peeling tint.

We are always removing purple, bubbled tint from cars and buildings because these customers are making the right decision this time to make sure they don’t ever have worry about this ever again.

Because Snappy Tint is an exclusive dealer of 3M window films, our products are produced with the best adhesives, polyesters, and dyes to offer our customers the most comprehensive warranty of the window tinting industry, promising the customer will never have to pay to have the material changed if it does somehow prematurely fail.