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Snappy Tint Offers XPEL Paint Protection Films to New Orleans

Snappy Tint is proud to bring the XPEL Paint Protection Films to the New Orleans, Louisiana area. This line of paint protection films is the finest available and it is backed by the best manufacturer’s warranty in the business. XPEL Paint Protection Films are clear or colored polyurethane films that are applied to vehicles to protect them from scratches, dents, or swirls caused by road debris, rocks, bug droppings, and other environmental elements.

Snappy Tint Offers XPEL Paint Protection Films to New Orleans

If you have any questions you might have about the XPEL Paint Protection Film or would like to book an appointment, call us today at (504) 708-2209. We would be happy to help!

Clear Bra of New Orleans and Tesla Motors



Besides a great heat rejecting window film like 3M Crystalline, another great compliment to any new Tesla is XPEL Paint Protection Film aka Clear Bra.  This thin, ultra clear, urethane film is formed and adhered to and chosen painted surface to act as an invisible barrier to prevent rocks from chipping the leading edges of your new car. This product is guaranteed to never allow your paint to chip for up to 10 years, in which then it can be removed to reveal the unchipped, perfect paint. It is a fact that every $1 spent with XPEL will yield it’s customer a $4 ROI during time of vehicle sale or trade-in since there is no visible wear to the paint. For more information about XPEL ULTIMATE PAINT PROTECTION FILM, CLICK HERE, Call, or visit our showroom conveniently located behind the Elmwood Shopping Center. 

A gel like slip mounting solution is used when applying large pieces of film.

A gel like slip mounting solution is used when applying large pieces of film.

Clear Bra of New Orleans

The extraction process will allow the adhesive surface of the film to bond to the paint.

Tesla Seat Protection

Kids are going to be kids and always kick the back of Daddy’s seat.

Tesla Seat Protection

Bad design be Tesla Motors or the customer not being prepared for the inevitable?

Tesla Seat Protection

A Snappy Tint XPEL TECH installing the Tesla seat protection kit. Problem Solved.

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3M Paint Protection Film for Classic Cars

1967 Corvette Stingray convertibles are known from having scratched paint where the top meets the body of the car. Avoid the pain and protect every inch or your investment with 3M Scotchgard Pro Paint Protection Film today.


For starters, let’s get that back deck protected.


Usually our plotter machine in the background will pre-cut the patterns, but this vehicle patters does not include this portion.


After the painted surface has be thoroughly cleaned and free of any contaminates, the film is removed from its liner and applied to the vehicle.


After the film has been properly adhered to the surface, it becomes invisible and is now a constant barrier from scuffs, scratchs, and chips.

Snappy Tint is staffed with factory trained technicians from 3M and X-Pel, and can handle the installation of any vehicle whether car, truck, bus, boat, and RV.

For more information on how Snappy Tint can keep you protected, contact us today .  3M Paint Protection Film for Classic Cars

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Clear Bra Paint Protection of New Orleans

Keep your car looking new with this state of the art self healing paint protection film that is applied to the leading edges of your vehicle to prevent rocks from chipping your paint and unwanted scratches. This product is a great investment if you want to keep your car looking new without any chipped paint on the hood, fenders, mirrors, bumpers, rocker panels, a-pillars, roof strip, truck ledges, door edges, door handle cups, ect….You can even go as far as filming the entire vehicle from top to bottom. Watch this Video to see the up close appearance of the 3M Scotchgard Pro Clear Bra Paint Protection Film.

Here are some close up pictures of the film being installed on a vehicle. Below is where the hood meets with the fender.







Below you can spot the edge of the film as it outlines the body panels of the vehicle.








Below you can see how the film is installed as a large pre cut sheet of the urethane film, being positioned into place. Notice the clarity of the left side of the bumper where it has been installed.









And Below is the finished product. An ultra clear, durable barrier that will protect your car from chipped paint for many years.

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The Best Window Tint in New Orleans

There are a few reasons which make Snappy Tint the top choice for Best Window Tint in New Orleans. There are many things that most window tinting companies have to do in order to provide window tinting services, but the extra steps that we take is what separates Snappy Tint from the competition.

1. Computer cut window tint and paint protection patterns are all done in house with our computer cutting software and trusty cutting plotter. This insures that cutting on the vehicle’s glass does not happen like back in the old days. This prevents scratching and damage to the vehicle and also cuts back on time spent during the window tinting installation.


2. Filtered water for contaminate free mounting solution. At Snappy Tint we utilize a 5 stage reverse osmosis water filtration system to insure zero contaminates inside the mounting solution used to position the window film and paint protection film into place on the vehicle. By removing the particulates and any contaminates from the mounting solution, this extra step insures the cleanest window film and paint protection installation possible.


3. Door panel protection. We are lucky to work on such nice vehicles but there are some major responsibilities that come with this job when it comes to protecting a vehicles luxurious upolstry. Not only does this protect the vehicle’s upolstry, but it also insures that the electrical switches are not wet and cause any possible malfunctioning.


4. Closing the gap. When tint is applied to the roll down windows, a small gap must be left across the top edge so that the film will not peel back from the years of being rolled up and down. While some tinting companies leave an 1/8″ gap, we take the extra time to minimize that gap as much as possible by taking a little extra time in positioning the film before removing the mounting solution. This extra step provides a factory appearance of your newly tinted windows.


5. Keep the shop clean. By keeping a clean installation bay, and filtered air conditioning, it allows us to work in comfort and be more productive while achieving our high standards of installations on your vehicle window tinting and paint protection applications.


3M Clear Bra Paint Protection Film NOLA

What Is Clear Bra Paint Protection?

We are 3M Ceritified Installers of 3M Scotchgard Pro Series Paint Protection, the Clearest film in existence. Just like window tint, there are many Paint Protection Films on the market today. Some better than others and some just plain terrible. Remember to do your research and it will always bring you back to Snappy Tint for all your Paint Protection needs.

3M, the pioneers of paint protection have been producing this stuff from the very beginning when it was first applied to the helicopter blades during the Vietnam War. While the product has evolved over the last few decades, other brands have attempted to beat 3M’s product, but never achieve.

How can paint protection go bad? Well just like window tint, it is always exposed to the sun. The film dries out, becomes very brittle and start to crack as is shrinks across the painted surface. Granted, it technically is still doing its job, but can start to appear yellow, hazy, scaly, and eventually look like this if it is not replaced in a timely manner.


How expensive is it to remove this film when it looks this bad?

– Trust me, you don’t want to know, but let’s just say if we were willing to do it, your looking at about 8-10 hours of labor. If you have film on your car that looks like this, or similar, we need to see it IN PERSON before we provide any ESTIMATE for such service.

For Prices on Clear Bra Paint Protection, CLICK HERE

We sometimes have to remove film that has been applied for less than one year. In this photo you can see the noticeable edge of the film on this white car. This car is a 2014 model Lexus that was purchased brand new, in 2014. This photo was taken one day after purchase in our service bay at Snappy Tint. Just by sitting on the lot for a few months, this film has already taken a beating.



Ugly, isn’t it. You paid $85k for this Lexus and the dealership gives you this? Clearly that dealership is not taking advantage of 3M’s new paint protection film, Scotchgard Pro, the CLEAREST film on the market.

Below are some photos of the same car a few hours later after the “old”
film was removed and replaced with the 3M Scotchgard Pro Paint Protection Film. At most angles, the edge of the film can NOT be seen.

clear bra paint protection


The easiest way to spot this film is very up close at a 90 degree angle, as shown here in the photo below.


Below is a mirror of a 2002 Acura RSX. This car was never treated with paint protection film and just see how much damage has occurred to the mirrors. If a standard Hood, fender, and mirror kit were installed for only $299 in the beginning, NONE of this damage would have affected the paint in the first place. Now, if you want your mirrors or other parts of your car to be repaired by a professional automotive painting company, it will cost you 3 times the price of having the paint protection installed.



Invest in 3M Paint Protection at Snappy Tint.

RV Motor Home Window Tinting

Motor Home Window Tinting, your home away from home.

This C-Class Motor Home is used very often by the family and their 2 dogs. They go all over the country for months at a time. The camper has factory tinted glasses for glare reduction, but do not have any treatments for UV or IR light. We installed the 3M Crystalline Window Tint and instantly the cabin cooled down from the reduction of the solar heat gain of the single pane windows. Now, the interior of the camper remains cool and the air condition system can easily do it’s job less often and more efficiently, saving your energy that you usually purchase at the gas pump…So does window tint save you fuel, technically yes.

motor home window tinting


motor home window tinting

RV windows tinted with 3M Crystalline Window Film for maximum heat rejection.