Five Reasons Decorative Window Film is Preferred for Privacy & Branding

Five Reasons Decorative Window Film is Preferred for Privacy & Branding

Looking for a creative way to add privacy or company branding to a glass panel in your commercial space? We wanted to share five reasons why decorative window film is the preferred choice for accomplishing this.


 – Retrofittable to Existing Glass – You can avoid the excessive cost of removing your existing glass and replacing it with a custom piece of glass as decorative window film is applied to your existing glass panel.

Nearly Unlimited Options – Unlike actual custom decorative glass, designs using decorative window film are nearly limited by only your imagination. Through the use of potter cut film or custom printing, your dreams can truly become reality.

Cost – Even basic custom glass panels can get costly. However, decorative window film allows you to implement much more intricate and involved designs at a fraction of what having a custom piece of glass would cost.

Easier to Clean– When the actual glass panel is customized to give a frosted or sand blasted look, it creates a rough surface in the glass. This surface attracts dust, oil from people’s hand, etc. and begins to look dingy or dirty over time. As the dirt and oils become embedded in the surface, it becomes harder to remove it completely and keep the decorative panel looking clean. On the other hand, designs utilizing decorative window films are easily cleaned so that they continue to look as good as the day they were installed.

Removable and Replaceable – Unlike a piece of custom glass, decorative glass film can be easily removed if desired from the glass panel to which it is applied. This makes it ideal for leased spaces and office space where the use of particular areas and design requirements may change over time.

We created the gallery below so you can see just some of the possibilities with decorative window film. The options are nearly only limited by your imagination!

If you would like more information or have any questions regarding decorative window film and all the possible ways you can utilize it, click HERE. If you have questions, contact Snappy Tint by calling 504-708-2209. We would be happy to discuss ow easy it is to retrofit these innovative solutions into your New Orleans, Louisiana area commercial space today.

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