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Commercial Window Tinting

We offer a variety of premium commercial window tinting products for your office building or storefront. We provide solutions for solar heat, safety & security, anti-grafitti purposes, and decorative purposes.

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3M Window Films

Reduce Energy Expenses & Protect Your Interior Against Solar Heat

As a business owner, you’re always looking for opportunities to make smart reductions in costs, and improve the efficiency of your facilities. Installing window film on your office building or retail storefront will decrease the burden on your HVAC system, paying for itself in energy savings in a small amount of time. Commercial window tinting will also make your office a more comfortable and productive place, reducing glare and heat for your employees and customers. Window tint for your office will also protect your furniture and interiors from harmful UV rays, and improve the aesthetic appearance of your building’s exteriors.

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Why Protect Against Solar Heat?

  • Save up to 30% on utility bills
  • Consume less energy, creating a reduced carbon footprint
  • Contribute points to LEED certification
  • Control solar heat and reduce glare
  • Protect your interiors from UV damage
  • Improve the aesthetic appearance of your building

Protect Against Extreme Weather & Intruders with Safety Window Film

In Louisiana & across the Gulf Coast, safety window film is especially important to ensure that the windows on building are kept secure during hurricane season. On most office buildings, schools, or residential properties, the glass in your structure is the weak point. Flying shards of glass can cause the worst damage to your interior in the event of a storm or break-in. With 3M, you’ll have the peace of mind that you’ve protected your property from its greatest area of vulnerability. Our Safety Window Film is made with layers of high-tensile polyester with powerful adhesives, UV inhibitors, and scratch-resistant coatings strong enough to mitigate damage from bomb blasts, hurricanes, and thieves. The UV inhibiting properties even add an extra layer of protection, preventing harmful ultraviolet rays from fading your furniture, carpets, and merchandise.

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Why Use Safety & Security Film?

  • Protect your interiors from shards of broken glass
  • Doesn't alter the aesthetic appearance of your building
  • Does not darken windows, leave them bright & clear
  • Safeguard your building from vadalism and theft
  • Contains extra layer of protection against UV rays
  • Scratch resistant coating

Protect Your Property From Vandalism with Anti-Graffiti Tint

Our anti-graffiti or "sacrificial" window film acts as a barrier between the surfaces on the interior or exterior of your property. This film is invisible to the eye, and can simply be removed and replaced to correct any damage caused by intentional or unintentional marks from paint, scratches, or even acid-etching. The cost of removing and installing graffiti resistant film is far less than removing and replacing your glass, wood, or steel surfaces. With certified installation, our safety films never loose their bond to the building, even after the glass is shattered.

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Why Anti-Graffiti Window Tint?

  • Costs substantially less than replacing glass
  • Protects against key scratches
  • Protects against acid etching
  • Protects against marking & paint
  • It's durable, optically clear & removable
  • Works on exterior & interior glass
  • Works on windows & mirrors
  • Works on non-porous surfaces (stainless steel & marble)

Increase Style & Privacy with Decorative Window Film

We offer decorative window films for a variety of commercial applications. Frosted glass window film can help you achieve greater privacy without blocking ambient light, while customized designs can help you reinforce your branding. Create a logo design for your office windows or your retail storefront, or add color to improve the atmosphere of your restaurant. Our decorative film installations have been featured in Window Film Magazine, high profile industry websites, and have been praised by star athletes on social media. The possibilities are endless with decorative window film!

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Why Decorative Window Film?

  • Increase privacy without blocking ambient light
  • Reinforce branding with custom logo designs
  • Give your office a more uniform appearance
  • Add color to improve atmosphere