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Marine Window Tinting for Comfort & Security

Shouldn’t your home’s most valuable extension provide the same sense of privacy & protection? With Snappy Tint, you can maximize comfort & energy efficiency the same way that you do in your house.

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Enjoy Comfort, Privacy and Protection Everywhere You Go

We are excited to bring our expertise in window tinting for homes and offices and apply them to the windows in your boat. With our top of the line marine window tinting products, you’ll block harmful UVA-UVB Rays that can damage skin, fade furniture, and cause excessive heat and glare. For Boating enthusiasts, spending time on the water can be a way of life. It’s time to protect yourself from the elements while also ensuring your privacy.

We are the only Louisiana authorized dealer of Prestige Spectra Photosync, the world’s only solar adaptive window film. This innovative product is clear at night and automatically shades itself during the day, drastically reducing glare and heat. Below are some photos of a crew boat from Starfleet Marine Inc. We applied this clear adaptive film to all windows within the wheelhouse. What was once clear, single pane glass, is now high tech, heat reducing windows. The UV is reduced by 99% and IR reduced by 98.5% the highest IR reducing window film on the market.

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What are the Benefits of Marine Window Tint?

  • Block out as much as 78% of the outdoor heat
  • Reduce harsh glare
  • Increase privacy and security
  • Reduced fading on your boat's interior
  • Healthier skin with less exposuve to harmful UV rays