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Residential Window Tinting

We offer a range of premium home window tinting products to suit every need for your home, whether it be for solar heat protection, safety & security, or decorative purposes.

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3M Window Films

Reduce Energy Expenses & Protect Your Home With 3M Window Film

Upgrade your windows with high performance 3M window film for optimal energy efficiency and protection from harmful UV rays. Snappy Tint provides manufacturer-certified home window tinting installations to New Orleans, Louisiana and the entire Gulf Coast. Without window film, your windows are the weakest point in your defense against the sun, but it doesn’t have to stay that way! Contact us today to learn about our range of products, which boast all the benefits of window tint without darkening your home.

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Why Protect Against Solar Heat?

  • Improve comfort year round with superior heat rejection
  • Save energy and reduce your utility bills up to 30%
  • Prevent ultraviolet damage to your floors and furnishings
  • Reduce glare while preserving natural light

Protect Your Home Against Extreme Weather & Intruders with Safety Window Film

In Louisiana and across the Gulf Coast, safety window film is especially important to ensure that the windows on your home are kept safe and secure during our yearly hurricane season. We offer high performance window film that will hold shattered glass in place, safeguarding your interiors from damage that can occur with unprotected windows. Safety window film can also provide further protection for your home in case of vandalism or theft. Our premium film is made with layers of high-tensile polyester with powerful adhesives, UV inhibitors, and scratch-resistant coatings strong enough to mitigate damage from bomb blasts, hurricanes, and thieves. We offer safety films from 2 mil to 14 mil thick. With certified installation, our safety films never loose their bond to the building, even after the glass is shattered.

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Why Use Safety & Security Film?

  • Protect your interiors from shards of broken glass
  • Safeguard your home from vadalism and theft
  • Contains extra layer of protection against UV rays
  • Scratch resistant coating

Decorative Window Film for Style and Privacy

Decorative window film can be a great option for your home, increasing privacy without restricting natural light, and adding style to enhance the splendor of glass. Our frosted glass designs have been featured in Window Film Magazine, as we’ve helped homeowners and businesses throughout New Orleans and the Mississipi Gulf Coast install decorative window tinting for aesthetics and protection. Decorative window film is far more cost-effective than decorative glass, requires far less time, and can be changed and replaced at any time. Furthermore, decorative film will not weaken the structural integrity of the glass, and will in fact strengthen it. For price and versatility, decorative films are impossible to beat.

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What are the Benefits of Decorative Window Film?

  • Add privacy without blocking ambient light
  • Create frosted glass designs without damaging the glass
  • Reinforce your personal style with etched designs
  • Show support for your local sports team with their logo
  • Add your own creative touch to your home